Sunil Thapa Magar

I am Sunil Thapa Magar of 18 years of age. I live in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. I was born in a middle class family. In my childhood, I used to be very good in study and was a lovely son of parents. I was respectful to others and had a good behavior. I always took care about time for different activities like sleeping, doing my home works and playing with friends. I always reached school and arrived home on exact time. I was a punctual boy. All the things were good for me until when we migrated to Koteshwor from Tinkune. After shifting to Koteshwor, I was admitted to a new school in class five. In the class I came in contact with another guy named Ajay (name changed). The guy seemed different and his behavior was also not normal like others. As I was talent in study, he wanted to be closer with me. Having no other friends in the class, I also started being in his company. We both sat on the same bench in the school. We both would go home together after school. I did not actually know about his character.
One day after the school we both went home together. At that time, Ajay bought one cigarette and smoked it fearlessly. I was so afraid and shocked seeing him smoke. When I reached home, I could only see the picture of Ajay smoking cigarette. That incident had made a deep impact in my mind. I was just longing for that moment now. I could not differentiate that it was a bad habit.
The next day when I met Ajay in the class, we started talking about unnecessary things. We spent our whole day doing negative talks. In this way, it was time to return home. While returning home, he asked me to go to drink coffee. At the beginning I refused saying I would be late for house. However, his peer request took me to a Bakery shop. After ordering coffee, he offered me a cigarette as well. I felt afraid and nervous but he said me to smoke fearlessly. He seemed proud over his ability of smoking. Following his manipulation, I also finally smoked the cigarette without any difficulty. However, I was psychologically afraid that my parents would know about it after I reach home. After finishing the cigarette, we drank our coffee and went home. I was a little late to reach home. My heart was pondering with fear that my mom would know about it, but to my relief everything went normal. This was my first step towards the path to hell.
After this incident, I and Ajay became more intimate friends. We would share everything to each other. Slowly by slowly, I was much influenced by his other habits which actually made me a bit lazy and unpunctual. After the school we would visit different places. Following this I would reach home late. But I was never questioned by my parents for being late as I was a good and honest son of parents. This would give me encouragement to come home regularly. I felt good smoking cigarette and going to many places with Ajay and making more friends. I could not feel that I was getting involved in bad circle. I could not decide that I was on the wrong path. One day Ajay took me to a place where there were many boys. I could see that they were smoking marijuana. I was surprised to see this but Ajay said that it was normal to smoke the stuff and it would give lots of pleasure on smoking. It was then I realized that Ajay was used to using drugs. But, I could not justify the situation as bad and smoked the weed along with the boys. When I used it for the first time, I was just laughing for long time. I felt everything around me to be very pleasant. I was getting the highest enjoyment that I ever got from doing anything. I enjoyed each and every moment under the influence of marijuana. Slowly, I was completely hooked into drugs and got involved into bad company. I had started using tablets and alcohol. Once I got addicted to drugs, I started jamming up with friends and partying on weekends. I had developed the habit of partying, going to disco till late night, drinking alcohol and using other drugs with friends. I started arriving home late in the night. This had become my normal phenomena. On the other hand, my parents were shocked to see me develop such habits. I was being less attentive to my studies and was not caring about my home assignments as well. Slowly, my tolerance for drugs increased tremendously. Even my fellow friends were also surprised to see this. I started taking huge amount of drugs that I came across through. Earlier, I used to get the money from my mom, but seeing mine changing habits and behavior, I was kept on probation. My parents were very upset to see their good son change into a bad guy in no time. They suggested me many times but I never cared about their sayings. I just thought of using the chemical of my choice. Then, my parents stopped giving me money so I had to switch to alternative way of making money like selling the mobile phone, gambling, stealing money from the house and even from outside as well. Many times I was caught by police while fighting on streets with other guys under the influence of drugs.
One day I was in inebriated condition by smoking marijuana and taking tablets when I broke into fight with a guy. The guy called the police immediately. I was arrested and taken to the police station. Then my parents were called to the police station. After some discussion among them, they decided to send me to a rehabilitation centre and called Santosh sir. Soon Santosh sir and Dipak sir from Transformation Nepal were there in the police station. And, after an hour or so, I was in the centre.
When I was brought to the centre, at first I thought that it was difficult to stay without drugs. I was very furious with my parents for sending me to the centre. I did not want treatment and was in very negative state of mind. I was totally doomed on the world of drugs. But it was mine misbelieve. In the initial days of my withdrawal, I had some physical pain but it was controlled by the Vitamin and Mineral tablets provided by the centre. It took almost a week or so for me to start being physically sound. However, it took long time to overcome the negative feelings that were inside me. Soon after overcoming the withdrawal period, I was put in the academic class. The academic class and the course of studies here were very helpful for me to change my negative mind into positive. The counseling of Santosh sir was also one of the major reasons that helped to build up a positive state of mind for the treatment and my recovery.
Now it has been almost eight months that I am in the centre and now I feel very good and positive about my life. The stay here and the knowledge gained here have helped me to develop more control over myself and my negative feelings. As the time has passed by, I have been given major responsibility within the house. I am presently the Student Chief in the centre. This responsibility has helped me to motivate and mobilize other students in different activities. In the past I could not manage even small things but it has been a great learning for me to manage students here and keep them going in the centre’s discipline. I have been able to transform myself into a new me. Taking this responsibility, now I feel that I can handle any responsibility in the coming future.
Though I have completed the academic course here, I still intend to stay here for some more time and continue my studies. I want to give knowledge to the new comers here and help them in finding the way to a sober life. I believe this way I can make up some of the damages that I did during my suffering days.
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