Ram Saran Baniya

I am Ram Saran Baniya of 32 years of age. I belong to Bhairahawa, Rupandehi district. I am a person born in business family. I run my own business of sweets. I am a married person with four kids. However, the use of drugs had devastated my personal and married life, and I came to this centre for the treatment of my addiction.
When I was at school, I sometimes, used to smoke marijuana with my friends. I developed the habit by seeing others friends smoke it. This was the first time I used drugs. Then I used to smoke Marijuana quite often as per the availability. Besides this, I used to drink alcohol sometimes. Later when I was in class 10, my family members started talking about my marriage. It is a normal tradition to get married in early age in our culture. When I got married my use of marijuana and alcohol came to a halt due to several reasons. After sometime of my marriage, one day, I asked some money with my brother to start my own business. Instead, my brother suggested me to help him in the shop that he was looking after alone. This way I got involved in the family business. Later on, my brother handed me the ledger book and all the keys of the shop. By this time, I was doing very well in the business and was far from drugs. In between I became father of four children. Life was moving smoothly and happily for me. But, one day a friend of mine tasted me a drug called “brown sugar”. He fed me the drugs for 2-3 continuous days as I felt good to smoke it through a pipe. Unknowingly, I was already addicted to this drug. I was now searching the friend to get the drug and paying him money to buy it from the dealer. I started developing impaired control over the drugs. Soon, I was in contact with many other drug users.
The drugging habit of mine started creating conflict in my treasured family life. Specially, I started hurting my wife and children a lot. I set a very bad example for them as I was failing to fulfill my responsibility towards them and spending more time using drugs with other users. I could not keep my drugging habit in anonymity and my wife came to know about this. She tried convincing me to stop using drugs but I would instead argue with her in this matter. My children would witness such argument. When I remember this today, I feel regret and ashamed about the affect it might have played on the child psychology. Similarly, I could not give time to my wife and children. During the time of sobriety I used to give time to my wife at home, used to drop and pick up my children from school, teach them their lessons at home, but it all stopped after beginning to use drugs. My priority was only to use drugs. Similarly, I was also completely careless about the business. I could not stay in the shop until I used drugs. But once I was on drugs, I felt sleepy and could not properly look after the shop. This way the drugs had created problem with my family, relationship and my business also. On April 2012, I met serious accident while driving under the influence of drugs, but I was alive following the blessings of my family members and well-wishers.
After this, my family members came in contact with Santosh sir of Transformation Nepal and got me admitted to this centre. The academic course provided in the centre helped me a lot to understand about my problem and the ways to control it in the future. Besides the academic course, the frequent counseling of Santosh sir also helped me understand about my problem and the techniques to overcome my addiction. Though I was poor in studies, all the staff and other colleagues were very helpful to teach me always. During my stay in the centre, I was appointed as the in-house Deputy Chief. It helped me to revitalize the sense of responsibility within me. After completing the academic course, I have returned back to my house again. Although I wanted to stay for some more time in the centre but, my family problems and my responsibilities here compelled me to come back to my family. But the learning in the centre has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.
Presently, I am looking after my family business and intend to run my own business very soon. The education gained at Transformation Nepal has helped me to refrain from the drugs again. This time I am committed to carry on with my recovery. I thank Transformation Nepal and its family for all their support for my treatment. 
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