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An environment is the most crusial factor that has been highlighted as the major issue for a person to influence towards the consumption of drugs. Similarly, an environment does play a pivotal role for a substance dependent person to reverse back in a normal life. In accordance to this sort of understanding, we do regulate our treatment procedure under the circumstance of homely and courteous hospitality.
We are expanded in the land of 2 and half ropani at the prime residental location where you could easily access all those required materials. The greenary view of the garden with the pure fragrance of the flower would probably trigger some kind of positive vibration in your inner core state.  
The seasonal green vegetables and fruits, high protein fiber foods and cereals along with a well trained culinary art are our regular diet. A proper stretching and tonning exercises with progressive muscular relaxation "PMR" techniques does create sanity and physical calmness, and the single sized finely adjusted bed comforts you for a better warm sleep.
The body has to be well fed, well rested and well maintained to function in an appropriate manner. For this, we do facilitate our students with the body cleansing detoxification process where all those harmful toxins stuck in your body from the various external sources like the cosmetic products you use, environmental pollution, junk food you eat, aswell as the drugs you consume are eliminated throughout the body. 
An individual does commit abusing drug under an influence of his/her peer pressure, the level of curiosity or you might say the overall circumstance. But the fact why s/he can´t get out of the problem is due to lack of "how to". To learn these how to informations we do have a syllabus of worldclass addiction related text book, therapies associated to the mental process of understanding the behavioural function, strategic tools and techniques to enhance the ultimate level of efficiency of their creativity and flexibility. And all these functions are conducted under the supervision of our well trained, certified and fairly experienced mentors or specialist.
In between the leasure hour, our students could amuse themselves by participating in various games and recreational activities like basketball, volleyball, tabletennis, paperwork, art, music and soforth. Varieties of fittness equipments are available by which you could maintain the physical structure of your body.
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Transformations Nepal
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