Message From Founder

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to this site. I am sure that this site will definitely help you gain more insight about drugs and its consequences in your life. This site has not only been designed to promote our organizational activities but to disseminate more and more accurate information regarding drugs and its preventive methods.
Today, the problems related to drugs use has skyrocketed. Drug use has engulfed a large section of the society who, sadly, are known as the pillar and the backbone of the nation. Thousands of youths, knowingly and unknowingly, are being drowned in this vicious circle and the number is on counting. However, the problem is not confined within any age group, there are numerous reports about adscolents and adults being affected by this problem. It is estimated that almost 200 thousand people are addicted either to drugs or alcohol in our society.
In this backdrop, it is an irony that around less than 10% of such persons only have been receiving treatment to their problem. Still, a large number of affected persons remain among us, who certainly have welcomed different societal problems. It is of extreme importance that these people be brought to treatment and be shown a new way to life.
As important it is to seek treatment for any of our well-wisher, or family members; it is of paramount importance to refrain from letting allow drugs enter our home. But, how can it happen? What is our social responsibility? Who is responsible for this?
Generally, people think that dealing with the drugs problem is the responsibility of police administration. People opt for different ways of remedies when they actually suffer from the problem but never think of preventive ways. The best solution to this problem is not to allow addiction enter your house. For this, we should eliminate the problem of drugs from our society. Our houses and we are safe as long as the society is clean. We cannot remain unaffected inside our house if the surrounding around us is infected by this problem.
Therefore, it is very necessary that our society, parents, stakeholders be informed and aware about drugs and its consequences. Acknowledging this fact, Transformations Nepal, since its inception, has been providing an international standard treatment to drugs and alcohol dependents and as well conducting different awareness programs specially focusing on vulnerable sectors such as school, colleges etc. I would like to request all the guardians and the concerned stakeholders to speak out about any suspicious activity relating to drugs or addiction prevailing in their house or the society. Report the problem to the concerned authority or treatment centres. It requires the effort of all to fight against such heinous problem. Let’s join hands together to make change. Let's hug those in problem and guide them to the path of recovery. That is what we, Transformations Nepal, stand for "HUGS NOT DRUGS".
Finally, I would like to congratulate all the students and the staff members of the organization for their active involvement in constructing this website.
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