Dipesh Singh Hamal

 I have got a musical group as I was in high school, and they were all my classmate. I used to play guitar, and was really fond of it. Following my dream of becoming a successful musician, I was always jamming and hanging out with them. During those days one of a guy in our circle did introduce a stuff called hashish. And he made us belief that the substance help us enhance our creativity. He also gave us an example of Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and all. I felt like smoking was somekind of insulin for creativity. But it didn't only ruined my musical career also did doom my studies and all the expectations of my parents. 

After leading the sever consequences of addiction, I was introduced here at         Transformations Nepal. As I am getting the pro-help and overcoming my problem of addiction, the creativity in me are growing constantly and I am now being much more passionate towards my dream. I am so glad, I figured it out earlier and I am sure I am not gonna die young like the above mentioned musicians.
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