Ankit Raj Singh

 I was a introvert character guy. Therefore, I was unable to express my feelings to a girl whom I liked the most. I was so overwhelmed by my feelings for her and was so annoyed with myself for being such a coward. I started using heroine at that time. For first few days it helped me to escape my sadness and guilt. I felt free and calm. And eventually, I found myself being a slave of the matter that  I am abusing. No matter how hard I tried to get rid of it, I get more deeper into it. I was completely in the compulsive state of addiction. 

As I was having the trouble of money I started to sell those stuff. And one day I was busted for the reason. But with the profound help of Transformations Nepal and my family member the path of my life has been drastically changed. I am now helping others and have achieved the ultimate level of satisfaction.
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Transformations Nepal
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