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In its simplest meaning “drugs” can be referred to any substance, natural or chemical or mixed, whose use affects the central nervous system, thus altering the feeling and thinking of the user.

The use of drugs intoxicates the users, makes them look different (abnormal) and also changes their behavior. Such substances are used to relieve chronic pain, for anesthesia and for getting asleep, and thus categorized as “drugs”. When people misuse such substances, start developing impaired control over it and loose their mental and physical ability, they get into “addiction”.


Today, around 170 million people around the world have become addicted to drugs and the number is on counting. In Nepal, almost 200 thousand people have already become addicted to drugs. Among them 80% use drugs while studying in between class 7 to 10+2 i.e. at the age of 13-19 years. Almost 40,000 women have also fallen prey to this epidemic. Statistics show that school and college students are most vulnerable to this problem. Addiction is the root cause to life threatening diseases such as Hepatitis B, C, T.B., HIV, Cancer, etc. Similarly, people die of overdose and are likely to risk their life in traffic accident. This problem is the base to societal crimes. It has become an established fact that 10-35 people fall prey to one addicted person’s using habit. Thus, we request every household, society and the whole nation to recognize this epidemic and stay safe.


If anyone shows the symptoms mentioned below, it can be the sign of addiction. This can be confirmed through urine test. The symptoms are:

Getting skinny, stay awake till late night, keep sleeping till late morning, being dirty, be absent or failure in study/job, show interest in staying alone, frequent demand of money, be violent on not getting money, inclination to immoral activities, change in eating and dressing habit, develop obsessive habit, spend night away from home, get locked inside the room with new friends, making friendship with seniors, blame others for owns failure, reluctant to take responsibility, change in behavior/character, spend more time in toilet and posses cigarette, blade, aluminum foil, rolled note, plastic and paper packs, and use excessive room spray and perfume in the room.


• Do not hide the problem fearing others will know or it might get more complicated

• There are chances that your investment on user’s education, job, business or sending the user abroad might go bad debts, so it is wise decision not to invest any capital for drugs users.

• Do not arrange marriage, and buy vehicles and mobile for users as there is change of divorce, accident and loss of those goods.

• Any effort to convince them, beat/ punish them, or be emotional will be in vain as they remain in intoxicated situation and fail to differentiate the right and wrong.
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